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Unified Communications

unified communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications, often shortened to just Unified Comms or ‘UC’, describes the convergence, or more so, the unification of voice, video, data and mobile applications into one simple cloud-based communications platform operating over an IP network.

This has become prevalent in recent years due to shifting consumer demands & the expectation for 24/7 ‘always on’ communication. 

UC empowers your employees to communicate in real-time via common applications such as instant messaging/chat, email, fax, SMS, voice calls/voicemail and video conferencing across a multitude of devices all in one easy to manage user interface.

With real-time presence indicators (i.e available, busy, away), UC fosters efficient internal communications and aids collaboration. Users can be reached via their various fixed or mobile devices and can access the UC platform’s enhanced capabilities whether they’re in the office or located remotely.

In practice, this allows you to send a communication via one medium (i.e. email) and receive a reply via a different service (i.e. instant message).

Furthermore, UC platforms can intelligently route communications to the optimal service based on factors such as whether they’re at their desk and ready to accept a call or whether they’re on the move and the call should be rerouted to a mobile device.

Further benefits to your businesses include a tighter control over customer interaction, resulting in consistent and immediate delivery of higher levels of customer service, through the ability to respond to customer enquiries regardless of workforce location. 

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Benefits for unifying your comms with cloud-based technology:

• Improved customer service

• Cost savings through convergence

• Efficiency gains through CRM integration

• Enable workforce mobility & BYOD policies

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