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IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Join the Cloud Revolution with an IP-based Business Telephone System!

Cloud-based IP Telephony forms a major part of the Cloud services revolution sweeping the UK, impacting how we communicate, store and use information.

The shift to IP Telephony for business telephone systems is already in full swing, with organisations of all sizes and types ditching their traditional PBX phone systems to realise huge cost savings, plus significant advances in how they can answer, coordinate and distribute calls.

We help you access the full range of IP Telephony services without the need to install (or replace) a traditional PBX telephone system, saving you both time and money. Win - win.

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Why choose Cloud?

Reduced cost

With average call cost savings of 40%, monthly savings can be significant. Enjoy free internal calls for further savings.

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Say goodbye to your expensive phone line, and manage your entire telephone system from anywhere via a web browser.

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Easily grow your phone system as your business expands. Just plug in your new phones and away you go!

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Enhance your workforce’s productivity with advanced integrations with countless business applications.

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Work anywhere

Empower your employees to work and communicate from anywhere with an internet connection.

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No need to upgrade, cloud-based software means simple, centralised OTA updates for life.

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Is it easy to access and use IP Telephony?

Yes, new extensions and users can be setup swiftly by just adding further pre-configured handsets to your package and plugging them into your internet connection. Once plugged into and connected to the network you’ll be all set to start calling and start saving.

Furthermore, with IP Telephony you can empower your workforce to operate remotely from wherever they’re based. Again, remote workers just plug their handsets into their home internet connection and they’re operational in an instant.

These new IP services are already helping companies of all sizes provide enhanced contact options to their customers and compete with larger organisations without increased capital costs.

What equipment do I need?


IP Telephony means you no longer need to install a costly PBX telephone system within your premises.

All of our IP handsets come pre-configured out of the box, so all you have to do is plug them into a data socket and you’ll be setup and calling within minutes. Growing? No problem as your business and employee numbers rise, just add more handsets!

Contact us NOW to find out which package and handsets are right for you and your business…

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