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Business Connectivity

We provide a variety of reliable, high-speed connectivity solutions to help everyone connect to the latest IP Telephony and Unified Comms solutions.

Our connectivity packages provide you with the quality of service that you depend upon to maintain reliable business operations. We ensure that you have access to the fastest and highest quality communications with both your customers and your colleagues.

Our connectivity solutions include:

  • Business Grade IP Telephony
  • SIP Trunking
  • Ethernet Networking
  • MPLS Networking
  • Wavelength DWDM Networking


Reliable communications requires reliable connectivity.
With all our packages you can expect:


• Business-grade connectivity optimised for robust communications. 

• High speed, high performance, always.

• Cost savings through converged lines and networks.

• Full access to the latest and next generation IP telephony.

• Unlock and utilise a full suite of cloud capabilities.

• Rapid-response technical support.



Our voice-enabled products provide a whole new way of thinking for organisations (of all sizes) that want to reduce their spend on both voice calls and data traffic, whilst ensuring the highest quality service is available at all times.

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