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Cloud Services

The Rise of Cloud Services

Cloud-based applications & services are impacting the way we communicate, store and use information.


Why adopt the Cloud

Well, firstly we should ask ourselves, what exactly is the cloud?

The cloud’ is a metaphor used for the internet - this stems from back in the day when a white puffy cloud was used in flowcharts and presentations to represent the internet. Nowadays, ‘the cloud’ typically refers to the cloud computing phenomenon that has swept the world over.

Cloud computing essentially describes the process of storing and accessing data or programmes over the internet. It’s about hosted services such as servers, data storage, hardware and applications that you can access and utilise with an internet connection on a multitude of internet-enabled devices.

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So where does the cloud fit into my business communications?

Cloud-based applications and, more importantly, cloud-based communications give businesses the opportunity to win and retain more customers - a win-win situation. How? By providing your business with flexible (and reliable) options for your customers (and prospective customers) to contact you.

Take a second and think about how much money a missed call could cost your business?

We no longer operate in a 9-to-5 workplace and customers' expectations have shifted. Missed calls cost money, it’s a fact of life, but with clever cloud-based communications you can rest assured that you’ll never miss another important introduction or customer call again with intelligent routing technology.

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Why is the cloud now so prevalent?

How we use the telephone to communicate has evolved from the early days of analogue communication into the latest IP networks that now transport voice and data over the internet. This now means we can deliver integrated voice, data and video networks to enable access to cutting-edge, cloud-based applications that allow you to communicate wherever and whenever you need to.

Right across the world telecommunication providers have continued to invest billions in upgrading their network infrastructures to provide you with access to the very best IP networks that connect to Cloud-based services via broadband or ethernet connectivityTheir significant investment can mean sizeable savings for your business through levels of cost savings previously unheard of.

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Other UK companies just like yours are moving to Cloud-based IP Telephony because:

BT has announced that its Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will be redundant by 2025, replaced entirely by an IP network that allows more companies to access faster more reliable networks.

Unsurprisingly, the trend is already upward with market analyst, Gartner, reporting that 2014 saw more than 55% of all digital telephony equipment being sold with IP capability.

Here at BDM Coms we are at the forefront of this cloud-based revolution.

We make it easy to adopt and utilise cloud-based IP telephony by providing services that connect your existing systems to IP Telephony - reducing call costs and opening up access to an abundance of clever cloud applications and services to drive your business forward.

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